What is Advanced Video Outsourcing?
We are a 1-stop shop for all your video editing needs which includes custom packaging as well. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, Demos, Web Conversions and DVD/BD/DL-DVD Duplication. We specialize in providing our clients with an a-z approach to solving their challenges as it pertains to video post-production.

Who are Advanced Video Outsourcing’s services designed for?
Our services are designed for any and all professionals that offer video production services to their customers like: Entertainment companies, Party Planners, Photographers, DJ Companies and Videographers. Since we don’t do retail, our focus is always on YOU! We free you up to run and grow your business instead of being a slave to it!

How long has Advanced Video Outsourcing been in business?
We broke into the scene in 1983 when we saw the need for customized wholesale editing services. We have edited over 15,000 affairs since!

Besides editing weddings and bar mitzvahs, what other services does Advanced Video Outsourcing provide?
We also edit corporate demos, DIY instructional videos, commercial work, sweet sixteens, just about anything and everything. Custom photomontages and wedding movie trailers are two of our specialties. DVD, DL-DVD/BD Duplication and custom authoring as well. Just give us a call.

How much do your edits and montages cost?
Since our services are not commodities, product costs vary greatly depending upon your needs. But just to give you an idea: Single camera clean up edits can range from $125.00. - $250.00 or so. Single camera customized edits usually range from $300.00 - $550.00 and can go up to approximately $950.00 depending upon your needs. We also do multi-camera edits and the cost depends on many factors…call for specific pricing on all. Montages range from $1 per picture to $3. It depends upon the level of editing you choose.

What are the advantages to sending my jobs to Advanced Video Outsourcing for editing instead of doing them myself?
a. Our turn-around time is amazing fast and consistent, 1-3 weeks in most cases, with 1 week rush service available plus our quality control and creativity is unmatched in this field!
b. We are able to stay on top of the latest equipment, software and techniques because this is all we do!
c. We don’t do retail. We don’t provide shooting services…YOU ARE OUR CUSTOMER…YOU ALWAYS COME FIRST! FYI-We can help to recommend shooters to help you out. N/C
d. We free you up to grow your business instead of being a slave to it! Video editing is the most time consuming and frustrating part of the business we are often told! But that’s not the way we feel about it.
e. The stress relief you will experience by dealing with Advanced Video Outsourcing will be incredibly obvious. You will kick yourself wishing you had started to do business with us sooner!

My current editing company breaks promises, misses deadlines, is not reachable most of the time, is inconsistent, makes many mistakes on the edits and when changes must be made, they give me a hard time about them and it takes forever for them to do so. What makes your company so different?
Just know that none of the above has ever existed with Advanced Video Outsourcing. Refer to our list of satisfied clients. Even call them to check us out. (Link to our clients page).

What if a mistake was made or changes are necessary in any way?
Here’s how our service is 2nd to none:
a. In the event there was a mistake either on our part, yours, or your client, we stop what we are doing; reload the project and the changes within minutes of your call to us and the new version is re-rendered and sent to you immediately!
b. We can also speak directly to your client (representing you of course) in order to better understand their concerns.
c. After the project changes have been made, we can ship the dvd’s or usb thumb drive directly to your customer for you! What could be more efficient then this!
d. If it is our fault, there will not be a charge. Most charges are extremely minimal because we look at you as a partner of ours and as such value our relationship!

If I do not have a professional videography division set up yet, can I still contact Advanced Video Outsourcing?
But of course! Maybe you are just starting out. Maybe you only shoot a handful of events a year. We can help design your video department, free. Whatever the case may be, we can help.

OK, so I get that you provide an extremely robust editing service, what if I need shooters, what do I do?
Glad you asked…We can hook you up with videographers that suit both your creative and financial needs…no cost to you! We would give you their contact info and you strike your deals directly with them.

What formats can Advanced Video Outsourcing edit?
Just about any tapeless formats (4K, MPG, MPG2, H.264, MOV, BPAV, AVCHD, MP4, VOB, FLV MPEG4, MXF, WMV just to name a few plus the following tape formats: DVCAM, MINI DV, DV & HDV. Call to discuss it.


How is the footage, images & other assets sent to you?
They can be send via FTP, Dropbox or Google Drive, to name a few. You may also U.S. Mail a Hard Drive or Flash Media to our production facility if you like.

How long will it be before I receive my completed video?
After we receive the last asset for the project, you will receive the completed edit in 1-3 weeks.

What if I need a project edited and sent back sooner than 1-3 weeks? Is it possible? Is there an extra fee?
Yes it certainly is possible. No there is never an extra fee as long as it is just a once in a while occurrence. We believe in developing a partnership with all our clients, and as such, don’t believe in charging for every little thing!

How long do your Weddings & Bar Mitzvah Edits Run?
That depends on what you would like them to be. Generally weddings, which include ceremony’s & reception can range from 1-2 hours. Mitzvah parties 1-2 hours and mitzvah services are usually left full length and just cleaned up. They can range from 1-2 hours as well.

I see you do photomontages. Can you tell me about them?
We have photomontages to fit every financial tier you have. We produce montages from 10 – 1000 pictures. 1D to 3D with muli-layering. They can be as basic or as elaborate as you like. We use Adobe AFX and Proshow Producer for most.

What Editing software/hardware do you use and is it compatible with FCP?
We use the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite plus Proshow Producer. Our PC’s are top of the line 12 core hyper-threaded edit workstations with 24 gigs of ram and sata-raids. Yes, projects can be exported in .mov or complete projects can be exported in files that FCP can read.

How much input will I have in determining how my jobs will be edited?
We want to please! We speak on the phone or we can video skype or you can come to our editing facility. We ask you numerous questions and together we design a product specifically for you. Over time we continually tweak the process job after job. We also ask you for a dvd or digital file of a completed job so we can better see what you already offer your clients.

Do you have a list of satisfied clients you can send me? Can I contact them?
Yes and YES! Most of our clients we have serviced for many years. Once they experience the level, creativity and care we provide, they become immediately addicted to us.
(Link to our clients page)

How is payment made?
Many avenues here. Call to discuss.

What if I want to do a portion of the editing, like providing you with the montage or if I would like to do the dvd authoring etc…Is this possible?
That is fine with us. The pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

Instead of providing me with a dvd, blu-ray of the final product, can you send me a digital format of my choice so I can do the dvd authoring myself?
Yes, we can provide you with any file format you wish and send it to you via the web or U.S mail.

How long do you hold onto my projects?
We hold onto all project files for a minimum of 6 months. We also send you a backup dvd or HD digital file of the completed project so you will always have a copy just in case. In the event that the job requires re-editing and we have already purged the job from our system, we can take the .mpg off the dvd, make the changes, and re-burn the dvd or even better, you send us back the HD digital file & we work off that.

How long do photo montages take and what format do the pictures need to be in and how do I number them?
They are usually fast-tracked to the front of the line. Usually 1-7 days depending upon other factors. We can accept any format: jpg, tif, bmp…All digital photos must be named for example 001.jpg. 002.jpg, 003.jpg, 003.jpg. You can even US mail the photographs and we can scan them for you. They must be labeled 1, 2, 3, 4…on the back corner of each photograph.

Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes! As in any creative process there are hundreds/thousands of editing possibilities. Our process includes spending a tremendous amount of time finding out your needs ahead of time, and then we count on fine tuning your company’s format, job after job. We will try our best, but if we are unable to satisfy you, we will gladly return your money. FYI: “Never had to return 1 cent in 30 years”

Do you work with clients outside of the USA?
Yes! We work with clients all over the world. The time standards and shipping costs would be adjusted accordingly for clients in other countries.

Who pays for shipping?
We have accounts with different carriers. Give us a call to discuss the options.


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