Advanced Video Outsourcing has been providing video post-production services to industry professionals since 1983. We specialize in giving you the competitive edge to successfully dominate your market! Our specialties are Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, Demos & Commercial work. Final products can be sent back to you via the following: Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP or US mail, within 1-3 weeks.

We offer 3 different price points/levels of editing, for each of the following categories listed below. So there will always be a level of service we can provide you to fit your budget!

  • Wedding & Bar/Bat Mitzvah Video Editing: Employing the right editing company is the most critical part of the video process. We color correct, audio correct, and reorder scenes as necessary to produce the most enjoyable and consistent product possible. We cut-to-the-beat to further enhance the viewing experience!
    Video should be the easiest product you offer. If it’s not, than you are not employing the right people and/or not running your department correctly. We can help you with both, and for no fee!

We will upload some portions of the edit for approval before rendering the final version so feel comfortable that you will be pleased with the final product.
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  • Photo Montages: Can be designed to be shown at the event or for private use. This is one of the most impressive items you can offer your clients. Most montages are produced within 3-5 days and can be uploaded to you for the quickest service. We will upload an approval video before rendering the final version so you know you got what you wanted.
  • Movie Trailers: The entertainment industry has been blowing us away with movie trailers forever. Advanced Video Outsourcing brings that same level of creative editing to the “Event” market. We produce these 1-5 minute Movie Trailers tailored to your specifications.
  • Video Web Conversions: Video on the web is both necessary for your company’s growth and confusing to achieve correctly as well. Advanced Video Outsourcing has been a leader in web conversions and is dedicated to the highest quality conversions possible. We can convert anything to everything. Some of the more popular Formats/Codecs that we deal with are: MPG2, AVCHD, MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, M2T, H.264. Yes we even have prehistoric DV and HDV tape capabilities.
  • DVD and Blu-ray Authoring: We author on DVD, Dual Layer DVD’s & Blu-ray discs. A creatively designed menu system will add both interest & functionality to the videos. It’s amazing that this area is among the most neglected areas of video production. Without a properly designed menu system, your client’s level of enjoyment can be completely compromised. We have many designs to choose from.
  • Complete Packaging: The BD/DVD Jacket case and disc design are the very first things your client sees. They instantly judge the creativity of your company and the products based solely on these items. First impressions are extremely important. Do not overlook this step. We realize that you all have different taste and identities. We offer many tasteful designs to meet your needs. We can even design one with you!

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